What we do

Channel Procurement aggregates the best available deals and brings them into the one marketplace. We understand the need for business to make money but we also understand the power of margin negotiation to ensure our customers are paying what is right.

Our Sales Staff

We have a large number of external sales teams who have diverse experience in the business to business sector from a National perspective.

Our point of difference is that we ensure all of our Sales Team Members are equipped, have extensive training and do not mis-represent our solutions.

We like to think of it as a big buying group for small business – it allows small business to concentrate on what they do best and let us lower their prices to effectively run.

Our Sales Staff look after the clients as they are ‘building their own book’ of business which becomes their asset. This means they are available to assist and also are loyal to the business.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our sales team then please contact us and we can discuss if it is the right fit for us and for you.

Ian Waller – General Manager

A Senior Executive for the last 12 years including roles numerous roles as a Senior Executive and General Manager. Extensive experience in building rewards programs having built both business to consumer and business to business programs. His achievements are many and in the rewards area he was solely responsible for initiating, establishing and managing the largest Cause Related Marketing Rewards Program in Australia. This involved corporate entities providing discounts to a Peak Bodies members and member businesses. He negotiated and established contracts with 43 x suppliers into program. His connections and ability to get the best deals are vital to ensuring the mission statement is delivered.

He also built a small business platform for a commercial business prior to striking out on his own.

Key Differentiation

The main difference with Channel Procurement is that it comes to the business at NO COST. We firmly believe that the days of a company or even an individual paying for entry to a buying group are gone. With the advancement in technology and the introduction of specific no cost comparison websites, businesses now have the opportunity to ‘shop around’ for the best deals.
The comparison websites however are, in general, powered by a specific company who only offer their particular suite of products; placing in small print they do not compare all brands or products in the market.
Channel Procurement has aggregators who compare as many of the products on market as possible. Our Mission for all of our partners is simple – we want the best and we want it cheaper.